Weaving Our Gifts has ended

Deb Zeni

Catechesis of the Good Shepherd Association of Canada
L1-3 Formation Facilitator
Halton Hills, ON Canada
In 1989 when searching for opportunities for children to experience Jesus as their friend, God as their mother/father/Creator and the Holy Spirit their personal guide & mentor, I 'fell-in-love' again with the Good Shepherd through CGS. After 30+ years of being a CGS Catechist, Formation Facilitator and Educator (of Formation Leaders-in-Training) I want to share some of the lessons I've learned and the 'fruit on the vine' I've received through CGS friends and Aquinas Institute of Theology colleagues and mentors.

Background: Mother of four sons, mother-in-law to three wonderful daughter-in-laws and grandmother to five grandchildren who are 'the best.' I am a family physician/pediatric consultant who provides comprehensive (prenatal to palliative) care in a small town 45 minutes drive north-west of Toronto—Halton Hills. My most formative experience in CGS was the CGS 40th Anniversary Gathering (Consiglio) in Rome in 2004 when we heard the 'bambini' of Sofia's and Gianna's atrium the way CGS witness to their experiences of Good Shepherd acting in their adult lives as they had experienced Him acting in scripture in the atrium. I wondered and then asked Sofia and Francesca—how did you do this? I followed the leads they provided and recently, at my DMin thesis presentation, witnessed to the Good Shepherd revealing God's covenental love in, performing acts of love and mercy in, and transforming the lives of adults and children through the proclamation of the Word by CGS Catechists and Formation Facilitators using Sofia's and Gianna's " best practices." I'm looking forward to meeting with you at Weaving Our Gifts on Oct. 30 and sharing these 'best practices' for guiding children and adults to the 'threshold of our Creator' (RPC 1, p. 52)—to an encounter with God who lives in and with us—through our proclamation of the Word.